Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
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So shiny...

After much faffing, quarantining, procrastination, head-scratching, swearing, researching and general skullduggery, we have finally reopened our webpage with the additional option of buying your beer online from us! Not that there's much to choose from at the moment as we were completely wiped out during the lockdown but we hope to be back to a decent capacity before very long.

We're still getting used to the ins and outs of it but, rest assured, we'll get to grips with it before long. So if you do encounter any problems, then please drop us an email (or call us as we're actually fairly friendly) and we'll do our best to sort everything out.

We'd also like to give the folks at Portwire Ltd a big thank you for helping us with the design and setup of the site. I really couldn't recommend them enough if you were thinking of setting up your own webpage or online store.

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