Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
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Thanks from us to you.

The less said about the last year and a bit, the better. We’ve all struggled, we’ve all had to face new problems and some recurring problems under a different guise. We’ve all realised as to how much we took our little freedoms for granted.

Here at the brewery, we’ve continued working in a reduced fashion all through the various lockdowns and it’s to you specifically, that we’d like to thank. Without your continued support then I wouldn’t be here writing this while waiting for the mash to finish its stand.

Whether you used the online shop that we eventually got round to setting up or you rang us up direct – thank you.

If you took advantage of the brief time we could get together by ordering a pin or a firkin of beer (with pump at no extra charge!) - thank you.

If you came round to pick up your beer (following social distancing measures) to save us from coming to you – thank you.

If you told your friends and family how much you enjoyed our beer – thank you.

If you resisted the urge to buy inferior, cheaper beer from the supermarkets and decided to show your support for smaller, more personal, enterprises – thank you.

We’re very grateful to all of you. It’s been really hard but, while we’ll never be rich or even be able to make enough to retire, thanks to you we can at least keep working.

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