Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
Handcrafted Quality Ales Since 2004
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About Us

The Brewery started trading as Southport Brewery in April 2004 from Russell Road in Southport. The first barrel of Sandgrounder Bitter rolled out on the 15th of April 2004.

The Creator is Paul Bardsley. After many years of being a C.A.M.R.A. member and researching and sampling many beers he decided to create some flavoursome, quality beers of his own using the finest quality ingredients and some T.L.C.

We now trade as Southport Brewery Ltd. We still supply many of our original outlets also many new ones. After 16 years of brewing award winning real ales our biggest reward is that our customers enjoy our beers, many thanks to you all.

The Product.

Our beers are hand crafted using traditional ingredients of the finest quality. These are brewed with loving care to produce a superior, flavoursome, aromatic ale. A multiple award winning combination that gives a blend of bitterness and flavour making our beers taste unique.

Hops, barley, yeast and water are the only ingredients used in the making of these fine ales. Hops are from Charles Faram of Malvern, Worcestershire. Malted barley supplied by Fawcetts & Sons of Castleford, Yorkshire. Yeast is supplied from a top regional brewer.